What Makes A Good Anime Intro?

So for this post I thought I would give my thoughts on what makes a good anime intro (at least in my opinion). In order to discuss this topic I will split it into two main parts which are the music and the video.

In terms of the music I find a good anime intro to be catchy and to represent the overall feel of the series. While others have different tastes in music I personally enjoy my music to be faster paced but if the opening feels very different from the theme of the anime it feels a little off for me which I find to be a detriment to the intro.

When it comes to the video portion of an opening I find it to be heavily reliant on the animation quality and the way it shows scenes that represent the feel of the series.

To conclude if both the music and video portions of the opening are well done I will likely end up downloading the audio to my phone and may even end up rewatching it multiple times on the internet.  As always these are just my thoughts though and I would love to hear yours. Thanks, -Cas

Your Favorite Series Is Garbage(?)

Before we get any further let me just let you know of course your favorite series isn’t garbage.  In my opinion no series is garbage not even the infamous School Days (even though I know that might sound a bit crazy though to be fair haha).  With that all said you may then ask if there are no series that are garbage then why aren’t they all popular and well received? Well this is due to two main reasons the first being popularity does not equal quality.  On that note if you’re wondering what makes a series popular you can read my thoughts on that here and learn my opinion on that topic.  As for the second reason it’s that I truly believe it’s what you like that truly decides what makes a series good. If you’re someone that enjoys only mecha anime then you will probably really like Gundam but you may think idol anime are garbage despite them being rather popular (especially Idolmaster and Love Live) conversely if you like idol anime you might find mecha anime to be boring.

To conclude like many things it’s all about your opinion and perception.  I hope this makes my stance clear on the topic. In addition with this in mind I will be starting a mini series on controversial anime soon so stay tuned! As always thanks, -Cas

“Your Name” ‘s Popularity

So I just got back home after seeing the movie “Your Name” and I figured this would make a good topic to talk about. Now before I get any further I would like to make it clear this is not a review  if you want that I’ll give it to you in three words “It was amazing” but instead an attempt to explain why I think it got so popular.  There are a few reasons why I think it got so popular which are its excellent storytelling, great animation, and good portrayal of Japanese life.

When I say it had excellent storytelling I’m referring to the way it grips the viewer into the flow of the story.  In the movie we start not knowing anything and gradually learn what’s going on while being pulled into the emotional story.  I find this to be an excellent technique and I believe it contributed to the overall popularity of the movie.

In terms of animation while this isn’t necessarily a requirement for something to be amazing it without a doubt helps.  In the movie “Your Name” there are many moments when the viewer instantly thinks to their self “That looks really great” (or at least I thought this but then again I am kind of weird so…). The colors and style of the animation is also wonderful which I think helps people appreciate the movie.

Lastly, when it comes to the portrayal of Japanese life I think the series does pretty well. Granted I only visited Japan once but this movie aligned itself with the impressions I got from being there in addition to show me more of the culture. This portrayal of their lifestyle I believed not only helped promote it’s popularity in Japan but also helped sate the curiosity of those in other countries.

To conclude I strongly recommend this movie and I hope if you haven’t already seen it you do so! Thanks, -Cas

The Golden Age of Anime

Hey all before I begin this blog entry let me first just apologize for my incompetence in regards to not posting in awhile. If it’s any consolation you can always find me on Facebook (there’s a link down below) on a page I run in which I am consistently active and you can get in contact with me there if you so desire, thanks!

For this entry I thought we would discuss what exactly is the fabled “Golden Age of Anime” that people sometimes bring up. I think first we should break it down into three main points: popularity, finance, quality.

In terms of the first point anime and other pieces of similar otaku culture have boomed in the recent years.  But to be fair anime has increased in popularity since it’s initial days with fans of old shows such as Astro Boy and Speed Racer being around even today. With this in mind it’s easy to say anime has become mainstream and most people have watched at least something in their lifetime.  In terms of myself however, I was not part of the rush of people in recent years to love anime and the like but instead I have grown up around it through my relatives (in case one was wondering this however, that is a tale for another time).

With regards to the next point which is finance I’m referring to the amount of money the anime industry brings in which to be frank it makes a lot especially in the recent years.  I don’t think anyone in their right mind can contest this point that it helps contribute to the golden age of anime.

The third point is quality and this is a more tricky one to discuss for what does one exactly classify as quality? Well in terms of myself I find quality to be a mixture of good storytelling and good animation.  These two things tend to give me enjoyment in watching a series.  There are some exceptions though such as some anime being just for laughs or to invoke feelings of love for moe characters and on the other side of the spectrum there are anime that have terrible animation but amazing story.  For this reason I think quality is the main point of contestation.

With these points in mind it would be fair to say that now is the Golden Age of Anime right? Well there’s another big component and dare I say the biggest that I did not yet mention which is “What do you enjoy?”. If you enjoy nitty gritty anime then the 80s and 90s are probably your Golden Age and if you like moe anime (hey like me but at least I’m honest) now is your Golden Age.

With all that in mind I would like to conclude saying that it’s subjective and whatever time of anime you love is your personal Golden Age. These are as always just my thought and I would love to hear yours, Thanks -Cas


I wanted to make a quick update giving my apologies for my small absence as well as a couple of other things. Firstly, I’m not exactly happy about going dark for a little while so you have my sincerest apologies.

Secondly, Occultic;Nine episodes one and two have gone back up with seemingly no changes which makes my last post kind of pointless. This in turn brings me to my next point which is I will not be doing any more pure news type posts like that again but will have news be supplemental in other posts. This is due to me highly treasuring quality therefore I wish to give my readers the best possible content possible.

As always Thanks, -Cas

Occultic;Nine -Episodes 1 & 2 Pulled!?

I thought this would be an excellent first news type post considering my last post was about the series and my initial thoughts on it.  If you haven’t heard Occultic;Nine episodes 1 and 2 have been pulled from all streaming sites (the legal ones anyway…) with little explanation.

Let’s put the tinfoil hat on about why we think they were pulled shall we? There are essentially two main theories as to why this was pulled the first being copyright infringement and the second being the episodes were too sporadic and confusing so they are being remade. I personally believe the latter to be more likely due to the episodes being extremely confusing in my opinion.  As for the prior I highly doubt since to my knowledge copyright stuff is usually taken care of before an anime airs (however I could be wrong since I’m not exactly well versed in law).

Leave any thoughts below and as always, Thanks -Cas

Occultic;Nine – My Initial Thoughts

So with the first episode out I thought I would give my first impressions of the series Occultic;Nine due to all the hype surrounding it.

Occultic;Nine is a supernatural anime about the well…occult. The main reason for it’s hype is due to it being by the same creator of Steins,Gate which is a fantastic sci-fi anime that I highly recommend.

After watching the first episode I was a little conflicted due to it so far being a very energetic and quirky show. I felt conflicted since it wasn’t quite following in Steins;Gate’s more methodical and well paced stead. I should say however if it was an exact copy of Steins;Gate’s mood that wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing either.  I did however find it’s fast paced and sporadic mood to be a little bit of a turn off but this will hopefully be remedied down the line.

My basic conclusion at this point in time is we need to see more of the series to make a conclusion but at this point I think it will likely become popular but for reasons other than it’s creator and affiliation with Steins;Gate.

Feel free to leave any thoughts below and as always thanks, -Cas