My Thoughts of Sea of Thieves -S2

Hey all! Today I thought I would write about a game I’ve been playing called “Sea of Thieves”.  Sea of Thieves or “SoT” for short, is a new online game that came out recently in which you play as a pirate and do well, pirate things with friends.  It has a lot of hype surrounding it so I figured I would give my thoughts!

To start off let’s go over character creation and this was a system I both liked and didn’t like at the same time.  As I’m sure many of you are aware most games with a character creation system have different options and often sliders that you use to create your character but with that in mind SoT was entirely different! Instead of being able to customize your character exactly the way you want to instead you have a set of characters that are randomly generated and you choose from them.  There is a favorite option luckily to keep the ones you like the most and then cycle the rest or I would have been very frustrated (since I’m a sucker for aesthetics).  In the end I liked this since it helps keep every character different but in all honesty I would have prefered the traditional character creation.

Next, I would like to talk about actually starting the game.  This part was a bit funky since it doesn’t have any kind of tutorial and I was quite confused at first in terms of what exactly was going on! I honestly had to look up on the internet how the controls and systems worked which was a bit funky but in the end I got it sorted.

This brings me to the next point which is the content of the game.  An interesting part of the game is that your strength is set at the same amount and all upgrades are cosmetic.  In all honesty I’m not sure how I feel about this since I feel like it might hurt the longevity of the game’s lifespan but I do think it’s interesting.  I understand that by doing this the game is fair to newcomers and veterans alike but as I said before it does make me a little weary.  To be fair though what do I know as it could very likely aid the game to keep going longer especially if they do constant updates (which from what I understand they plan to do).  In terms of quests or as the game calls them “voyages” there are mainly three kinds: kill a certain amount of enemies, go find treasure, or make a delivery of some kind of materials. From my understanding there also other types of events that can happen such as a kraken attack that the players have to defeat as a group for gold.

To sum up my thoughts I think Sea of Thieves is a fun game but one that will potentially be something you play off and on instead of something that you play daily.  I personally think this is okay and I hope to play it more!
I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts and thanks again! -CasShowmethebooty


Endings -S2

Hello all and today for a welcome back post I figured I would talk about endings. This is a wonderful selection I know but all jokes aside let’s move on.

I recently read a manga called Boy’s Skirt which is about a “trap” (a crossdresser that acts and looks like a girl) and while the majority of it was a fun lighthearted read the ending got me thinking about well…endings. I’m going to avoid direct spoilers but the ending essentially felt like things were addressed but not resolved and everything just went in one big circle throughout the series.  This in turn got me thinking about how important an ending truly is to a series.

Some would proclaim “The ending is paramount!” aka Arkada from Glass Reflection on youtube but as I thought about this I began to wonder just how important an ending really is. Let me propose another example a memorable series called Oreimo. Oreimo overall was a really fun anime but it had a very controversial ending and you can read my opinion of it here. With that said we make it back to my main point which is just how important is the ending?

To put it simply I would say it is very important but if an overall series is a really good time then I think it can get some slack at least in my book.  And so this concludes my thoughts on the topic and I would love to hear yours! -Cas


Boy's Skirt Responsibility



Why I’m Enjoying Eromanga Sensei

For today’s post I thought I would talk about why I like a new currently airing anime called ‘Eromanga Sensei’.  The show is by the creator of Oreimo and carries over some of the feel from it’s predecessor which I find to be interesting.  (I’ve already talked about Oreimo before and you can find my thoughts on it here.) The anime is basically about a guy who rights light novels (an easy to read and popular book format in Japan that resembles a novelette) writing a light novel which is kind of funny if you think about which is part of the reason why it gripped my attention.

Moving on to the main point of the post though the main reason I’m enjoying the series is because it’s a good ‘goofy anime’.  When I mean by this is that it’s a fun series in the sense that it’s not the greatest thing I’ve ever watched but it makes me laugh regularly which is enough in my book.  In my opinion not every series needs to be the greatest thing ever but as long as it’s fun to watch that’s usually good enough for me.  (There’s also the memes which are finding their way through the internet which is always a bonus)

To conclude this is why I like watching this series and what I mean by it’s a ‘goofy anime’. As always thanks, -Cas

My History With Anime

For today’s blog post I thought I would get a bit more personal and talk about how I got into anime and otaku culture.

In terms of anime I have been watching various series throughout my entire life starting with the famous Sailor Moon dating back as far as I can remember.  I actually thought watching anime was very typical and I had no idea it was not commonplace until I was in my teens.  I then at around the age of 15 or so found a small group of friends that I would interact with on a daily basis that influenced me further with anime and the like.

Over time I began to become what many refer to as an ‘otaku’ in the sense that I was really into anime, manga, and all that.  I’ll go into what being an otaku means in the sense of the word and to myself in a later post but let me just say it was a blessing and a curse.

The next big step I made into becoming a huge anime fan was creating my little Facebook page ‘Kohai-kun’. While my page isn’t extremely popular I’m happy with it since not only did help me grow as an anime lover but also helped me create a small little area of the internet where I can interact with others in a safe and non toxic manner which I personally find invaluable.

To conclude that’s my history with anime/otaku culture and my journey through the time before the time when it wasn’t extremely popular. As always I would love to hear yours.  Thanks, -Cas

Controversial Anime: Oreimo

First up for my Controversial Anime series is Oreimo which is sparked by the release of the author’s new anime series Eromanga Sensei. Before we get any farther however, I would just like to say I will not be bashing anything with this mini series but instead just stating why I believe they are controversial and by that I mean why people tend to be very split between hating and loving these series.

First, let’s discuss the good parts of Oreimo before the negatives.  The main positives of Oreimo are in my opinion the way it introduces the main character to otaku culture and follows his journey to being a huge fan of anime, manga, video games, etc.  I find this to be something that a lot of people can associate with since the majority of people didn’t grow up with anime in their lives but instead discovered it later on.  The next main positive is that I found this to be a very fun series with a lot of funny moments and for the most part great characters.  With that in mind I often make jokes on my Facebook page about how I mainly watched it for the character Kuroneko and while this isn’t entirely true I did look forward to every scene she was in.

With the positives out of the way let’s go overall the negatives. The first would have to be how almost every female character seems to fall in love with Kyousuke the MC which can be seen as a negative by some people.  I tend to just not let the harem anime tropes bother me and instead just ignore them but for some people this is a strong reason against the show.  The second big negative of the show…is the ending.  For some people this is an extremely big negative but for myself I tend to just shut it from my mind and feign ignorance. Let’s be real though I shouldn’t really have to do that but sadly that’s the reality of the series.

To conclude this post I would like to give my personal opinion of the series which is I think it’s an overall really good series it’s just that the ending really sucks which is a shame.  If the ending is a big deal to you then you might not want to watch Oreimo but just know you’re missing out on an overall really good time in my opinion.  Anyway thanks, -Cas

What Makes A Good Anime Intro?

So for this post I thought I would give my thoughts on what makes a good anime intro (at least in my opinion). In order to discuss this topic I will split it into two main parts which are the music and the video.

In terms of the music I find a good anime intro to be catchy and to represent the overall feel of the series. While others have different tastes in music I personally enjoy my music to be faster paced but if the opening feels very different from the theme of the anime it feels a little off for me which I find to be a detriment to the intro.

When it comes to the video portion of an opening I find it to be heavily reliant on the animation quality and the way it shows scenes that represent the feel of the series.

To conclude if both the music and video portions of the opening are well done I will likely end up downloading the audio to my phone and may even end up rewatching it multiple times on the internet.  As always these are just my thoughts though and I would love to hear yours. Thanks, -Cas

Your Favorite Series Is Garbage(?)

Before we get any further let me just let you know of course your favorite series isn’t garbage.  In my opinion no series is garbage not even the infamous School Days (even though I know that might sound a bit crazy though to be fair haha).  With that all said you may then ask if there are no series that are garbage then why aren’t they all popular and well received? Well this is due to two main reasons the first being popularity does not equal quality.  On that note if you’re wondering what makes a series popular you can read my thoughts on that here and learn my opinion on that topic.  As for the second reason it’s that I truly believe it’s what you like that truly decides what makes a series good. If you’re someone that enjoys only mecha anime then you will probably really like Gundam but you may think idol anime are garbage despite them being rather popular (especially Idolmaster and Love Live) conversely if you like idol anime you might find mecha anime to be boring.

To conclude like many things it’s all about your opinion and perception.  I hope this makes my stance clear on the topic. In addition with this in mind I will be starting a mini series on controversial anime soon so stay tuned! As always thanks, -Cas