Endings -S2

Hello all and today for a welcome back post I figured I would talk about endings. This is a wonderful selection I know but all jokes aside let’s move on.

I recently read a manga called Boy’s Skirt which is about a “trap” (a crossdresser that acts and looks like a girl) and while the majority of it was a fun lighthearted read the ending got me thinking about well…endings. I’m going to avoid direct spoilers but the ending essentially felt like things were addressed but not resolved and everything just went in one big circle throughout the series.  This in turn got me thinking about how important an ending truly is to a series.

Some would proclaim “The ending is paramount!” aka Arkada from Glass Reflection on youtube but as I thought about this I began to wonder just how important an ending really is. Let me propose another example a memorable series called Oreimo. Oreimo overall was a really fun anime but it had a very controversial ending and you can read my opinion of it here. With that said we make it back to my main point which is just how important is the ending?

To put it simply I would say it is very important but if an overall series is a really good time then I think it can get some slack at least in my book.  And so this concludes my thoughts on the topic and I would love to hear yours! -Cas


Boy's Skirt Responsibility



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