Why I’m Enjoying Eromanga Sensei

For today’s post I thought I would talk about why I like a new currently airing anime called ‘Eromanga Sensei’.  The show is by the creator of Oreimo and carries over some of the feel from it’s predecessor which I find to be interesting.  (I’ve already talked about Oreimo before and you can find my thoughts on it here.) The anime is basically about a guy who rights light novels (an easy to read and popular book format in Japan that resembles a novelette) writing a light novel which is kind of funny if you think about which is part of the reason why it gripped my attention.

Moving on to the main point of the post though the main reason I’m enjoying the series is because it’s a good ‘goofy anime’.  When I mean by this is that it’s a fun series in the sense that it’s not the greatest thing I’ve ever watched but it makes me laugh regularly which is enough in my book.  In my opinion not every series needs to be the greatest thing ever but as long as it’s fun to watch that’s usually good enough for me.  (There’s also the memes which are finding their way through the internet which is always a bonus)

To conclude this is why I like watching this series and what I mean by it’s a ‘goofy anime’. As always thanks, -Cas

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