My History With Anime

For today’s blog post I thought I would get a bit more personal and talk about how I got into anime and otaku culture.

In terms of anime I have been watching various series throughout my entire life starting with the famous Sailor Moon dating back as far as I can remember.  I actually thought watching anime was very typical and I had no idea it was not commonplace until I was in my teens.  I then at around the age of 15 or so found a small group of friends that I would interact with on a daily basis that influenced me further with anime and the like.

Over time I began to become what many refer to as an ‘otaku’ in the sense that I was really into anime, manga, and all that.  I’ll go into what being an otaku means in the sense of the word and to myself in a later post but let me just say it was a blessing and a curse.

The next big step I made into becoming a huge anime fan was creating my little Facebook page ‘Kohai-kun’. While my page isn’t extremely popular I’m happy with it since not only did help me grow as an anime lover but also helped me create a small little area of the internet where I can interact with others in a safe and non toxic manner which I personally find invaluable.

To conclude that’s my history with anime/otaku culture and my journey through the time before the time when it wasn’t extremely popular. As always I would love to hear yours.  Thanks, -Cas

4 thoughts on “My History With Anime”

  1. Growing up with three sisters regrettably forced me to love Sailor Moon as well. I actually hunted down the first season, and it’s totally outdated now. I can’t help but still love it though.

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    1. I very vaguely remember any of the plot to be honest I just remember watching it. It was mainly just the first anime other than Pokemon or Yugioh to come to mind when I was writing this which was why I brought it up but there were quite a lot of anime I watched as a child lol


      1. hey, i comment on what i read, lol. I basically saw the same shows. Kinda stopped watching Pokemon and Yugi now though, because they’re just ridiculously long now. You should revisit Sailor Moon. It’s campy now being so outdated. XD


      2. Sorry for the delayed response but yeah I totally want/need to do a rewatch of Sailor Moon especially since Sailor Moon Crystal is out. Also thanks for sharing a bit of your experience with anime as well it’s always great to read how others got into it too!


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