Controversial Anime: Oreimo

First up for my Controversial Anime series is Oreimo which is sparked by the release of the author’s new anime series Eromanga Sensei. Before we get any farther however, I would just like to say I will not be bashing anything with this mini series but instead just stating why I believe they are controversial and by that I mean why people tend to be very split between hating and loving these series.

First, let’s discuss the good parts of Oreimo before the negatives.  The main positives of Oreimo are in my opinion the way it introduces the main character to otaku culture and follows his journey to being a huge fan of anime, manga, video games, etc.  I find this to be something that a lot of people can associate with since the majority of people didn’t grow up with anime in their lives but instead discovered it later on.  The next main positive is that I found this to be a very fun series with a lot of funny moments and for the most part great characters.  With that in mind I often make jokes on my Facebook page about how I mainly watched it for the character Kuroneko and while this isn’t entirely true I did look forward to every scene she was in.

With the positives out of the way let’s go overall the negatives. The first would have to be how almost every female character seems to fall in love with Kyousuke the MC which can be seen as a negative by some people.  I tend to just not let the harem anime tropes bother me and instead just ignore them but for some people this is a strong reason against the show.  The second big negative of the show…is the ending.  For some people this is an extremely big negative but for myself I tend to just shut it from my mind and feign ignorance. Let’s be real though I shouldn’t really have to do that but sadly that’s the reality of the series.

To conclude this post I would like to give my personal opinion of the series which is I think it’s an overall really good series it’s just that the ending really sucks which is a shame.  If the ending is a big deal to you then you might not want to watch Oreimo but just know you’re missing out on an overall really good time in my opinion.  Anyway thanks, -Cas

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