What Makes A Good Anime Intro?

So for this post I thought I would give my thoughts on what makes a good anime intro (at least in my opinion). In order to discuss this topic I will split it into two main parts which are the music and the video.

In terms of the music I find a good anime intro to be catchy and to represent the overall feel of the series. While others have different tastes in music I personally enjoy my music to be faster paced but if the opening feels very different from the theme of the anime it feels a little off for me which I find to be a detriment to the intro.

When it comes to the video portion of an opening I find it to be heavily reliant on the animation quality and the way it shows scenes that represent the feel of the series.

To conclude if both the music and video portions of the opening are well done I will likely end up downloading the audio to my phone and may even end up rewatching it multiple times on the internet.  As always these are just my thoughts though and I would love to hear yours. Thanks, -Cas

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