“Your Name” ‘s Popularity

So I just got back home after seeing the movie “Your Name” and I figured this would make a good topic to talk about. Now before I get any further I would like to make it clear this is not a review  if you want that I’ll give it to you in three words “It was amazing” but instead an attempt to explain why I think it got so popular.  There are a few reasons why I think it got so popular which are its excellent storytelling, great animation, and good portrayal of Japanese life.

When I say it had excellent storytelling I’m referring to the way it grips the viewer into the flow of the story.  In the movie we start not knowing anything and gradually learn what’s going on while being pulled into the emotional story.  I find this to be an excellent technique and I believe it contributed to the overall popularity of the movie.

In terms of animation while this isn’t necessarily a requirement for something to be amazing it without a doubt helps.  In the movie “Your Name” there are many moments when the viewer instantly thinks to their self “That looks really great” (or at least I thought this but then again I am kind of weird so…). The colors and style of the animation is also wonderful which I think helps people appreciate the movie.

Lastly, when it comes to the portrayal of Japanese life I think the series does pretty well. Granted I only visited Japan once but this movie aligned itself with the impressions I got from being there in addition to show me more of the culture. This portrayal of their lifestyle I believed not only helped promote it’s popularity in Japan but also helped sate the curiosity of those in other countries.

To conclude I strongly recommend this movie and I hope if you haven’t already seen it you do so! Thanks, -Cas

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