The Golden Age of Anime

Hey all before I begin this blog entry let me first just apologize for my incompetence in regards to not posting in awhile. If it’s any consolation you can always find me on Facebook (there’s a link down below) on a page I run in which I am consistently active and you can get in contact with me there if you so desire, thanks!

For this entry I thought we would discuss what exactly is the fabled “Golden Age of Anime” that people sometimes bring up. I think first we should break it down into three main points: popularity, finance, quality.

In terms of the first point anime and other pieces of similar otaku culture have boomed in the recent years.  But to be fair anime has increased in popularity since it’s initial days with fans of old shows such as Astro Boy and Speed Racer being around even today. With this in mind it’s easy to say anime has become mainstream and most people have watched at least something in their lifetime.  In terms of myself however, I was not part of the rush of people in recent years to love anime and the like but instead I have grown up around it through my relatives (in case one was wondering this however, that is a tale for another time).

With regards to the next point which is finance I’m referring to the amount of money the anime industry brings in which to be frank it makes a lot especially in the recent years.  I don’t think anyone in their right mind can contest this point that it helps contribute to the golden age of anime.

The third point is quality and this is a more tricky one to discuss for what does one exactly classify as quality? Well in terms of myself I find quality to be a mixture of good storytelling and good animation.  These two things tend to give me enjoyment in watching a series.  There are some exceptions though such as some anime being just for laughs or to invoke feelings of love for moe characters and on the other side of the spectrum there are anime that have terrible animation but amazing story.  For this reason I think quality is the main point of contestation.

With these points in mind it would be fair to say that now is the Golden Age of Anime right? Well there’s another big component and dare I say the biggest that I did not yet mention which is “What do you enjoy?”. If you enjoy nitty gritty anime then the 80s and 90s are probably your Golden Age and if you like moe anime (hey like me but at least I’m honest) now is your Golden Age.

With all that in mind I would like to conclude saying that it’s subjective and whatever time of anime you love is your personal Golden Age. These are as always just my thought and I would love to hear yours, Thanks -Cas

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