Occultic;Nine -Episodes 1 & 2 Pulled!?

I thought this would be an excellent first news type post considering my last post was about the series and my initial thoughts on it.  If you haven’t heard Occultic;Nine episodes 1 and 2 have been pulled from all streaming sites (the legal ones anyway…) with little explanation.

Let’s put the tinfoil hat on about why we think they were pulled shall we? There are essentially two main theories as to why this was pulled the first being copyright infringement and the second being the episodes were too sporadic and confusing so they are being remade. I personally believe the latter to be more likely due to the episodes being extremely confusing in my opinion.  As for the prior I highly doubt since to my knowledge copyright stuff is usually taken care of before an anime airs (however I could be wrong since I’m not exactly well versed in law).

Leave any thoughts below and as always, Thanks -Cas

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