Occultic;Nine – My Initial Thoughts

So with the first episode out I thought I would give my first impressions of the series Occultic;Nine due to all the hype surrounding it.

Occultic;Nine is a supernatural anime about the well…occult. The main reason for it’s hype is due to it being by the same creator of Steins,Gate which is a fantastic sci-fi anime that I highly recommend.

After watching the first episode I was a little conflicted due to it so far being a very energetic and quirky show. I felt conflicted since it wasn’t quite following in Steins;Gate’s more methodical and well paced stead. I should say however if it was an exact copy of Steins;Gate’s mood that wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing either.  I did however find it’s fast paced and sporadic mood to be a little bit of a turn off but this will hopefully be remedied down the line.

My basic conclusion at this point in time is we need to see more of the series to make a conclusion but at this point I think it will likely become popular but for reasons other than it’s creator and affiliation with Steins;Gate.

Feel free to leave any thoughts below and as always thanks, -Cas




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