Anime Fangs, What?

For today’s post I thought we would do something a little more…moe (hey crazy right it’s like it’s in the title of the page or something) and so I figured we would go over what exactly is with those little fangs we see moe characters have in anime.

This is actually a representation of crooked teeth something which the Japanese find to be extremely adorable.  The Japanese find these crooked teeth to be so adorable some girls will actually pay to have a surgery done to make their teeth crooked if they aren’t already.

I personally find this to be a little alien to me since in the United States (in which I live) we do the exact opposite meaning we will actually pay to have braces to fix our teeth as we find crooked teeth to be unattractive.

To conclude in anime I find it adorable and in real life I find it an interesting difference between cultures. -Cas

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